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Former Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard explains why reside venues are leaving cash at the desk

Former Ticketmaster CEO (and Twitter trade boss) Nathan Hubbard is construction an “working machine for venues.”

So: What on Earth does that imply?

On the most recent episode of Recode Media, Hubbard defined his new corporate Rival, which is able to publicly release subsequent 12 months. At the back of the scenes of reside tune live shows and sports activities occasions, Rival will spouse with the groups, performers and match venues to assist them lose much less cash to scalpers — and know extra about their consumers.

“In the event you move presently and seek for ‘Hamilton’ tickets, there are tickets unfold all around the internet,” Hubbard stated. “It will be the similar of looking for a flight and seat 29A is on one website online and row 14 is on every other website online and part of top notch is on every other. There’s no canonical supply the place you’ll simply move, ‘What’re all my choices to move see the display this night?’”

He stated the venues are shedding out on $15 billion in price tag gross sales annually as a result of purchasing tickets after they move on sale is “uncomfortable” for shoppers and the shadow economic system of secondary gross sales reasons a vicious cycle. The reliable entertainers can’t supply higher reviews for his or her fanatics as a result of they do not know who’s in reality within the target audience; Hubbard says Rival will know, and can assist unfold the phrase about lesser-known occasions.

“They know lower than 10 p.c of the individuals who stroll within the door,” he advised Recode’s Peter Kafka. “And that’s loopy from a customer-relationship control perspective as a result of they’re undertaking all their transactions on-line and cellular. That’s like when you had a cocktail party and also you simplest knew one out of 10 individuals who walked on your door.”

“I stay keeping off announcing ‘ticketing platform’ as a result of ticketing’s more or less the simple phase,” Hubbard added. “Ticketing is, how do I am getting that individual within the door. The query is, now that I do know who they’re, now that I solved that downside of simplest understanding 10 p.c of my visitors, now I do know 100 p.c of my visitors, what do I do with it?”

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Under, we’ve shared a complete transcript of Peter’s dialog with Nathan.

Peter Kafka: That is Recode Media with Peter Kafka. This is me, I’m a part of the Vox Media Podcast Community. I’m right here — such as you care — at Vox Media headquarters in New York Town. In the event you like this display, inform somebody else about it.

That’s Nathan Hubbard murmuring within the background. Hello, Nathan.

Nathan Hubbard: Hi.

You’re the CEO of Rival.


Former Twitter government.

That’s proper.

The bio right here say you have been previously at Reside Country however you ran Ticketmaster.

I used to be CEO at Ticketmaster, sure.

So persons are focused on many portions of your occupation. They almost certainly cursed at you now not understanding who you have been for a very long time.

I’m certain of that.

As a result of they hated Ticketmaster.

I’m certain of that.

I believe that they may curse at you presently, too.

Why would they do this?

It’s a rough-edge trade you’re in, the ticketing reside match something-something trade that you need to disrupt.

I don’t suppose they curse at us, regardless that. I believe, I’m hoping, I believe they’re cheering for us.

I used to be Googling.



Oh, boy.

There’s a Billboard tale about you. I don’t recall to mind Billboard as somebody who writes rough-edged articles.


You already know which one I’m speaking about, proper?


It’s lovely snarky for a Billboard article.

Oh. Smartly, excellent.

Right here’s the subhead, I suppose, or possibly it’s the lead, “Maximum of what Hubbard is making plans has already been accomplished.”

(laughs) We’ll see, received’t we?

Yeah. We must finish the podcast there.

Yeah. Was once I interviewed for that?

You don’t appear to be interviewed.


You don’t appear to be quoted in right here.


That is the day you introduced what you have been doing on the Wall Boulevard Magazine and likewise at Recode.

That’s proper.

With my colleague Jason Del Rey, who’s superior.

Oh, possibly that’s why it’s snarky.

Oh, as a result of they’re mad as a result of they didn’t get the interview?

I don’t know.

Yeah, I’ve written an editorial or two like that the place I’m a bit offended that I didn’t get the get right of entry to.

I don’t know any one over there. I don’t suppose they reached out.

This individual was once … all proper, we’ll speak about Billboard later. Let’s again up.


What are you doing?

I’m operating a terrific corporate. I’m having the most productive amusing of my occupation, operating an organization referred to as Rival, that my co-founder, Ryan Lissack’s right here lately. We’re construction a generation platform for probably the most coveted reside occasions on this planet. What does that imply?

Is that this anything you’ve been operating at for a few years.


I heard you inform me about it, however you didn’t wish to speak about it publicly. I used to be at a loss for words about what you have been doing. You introduced what you have been doing previous this 12 months, that is Would possibly, this newsletter is from. Nonetheless at a loss for words about what you’re doing, I believe partially since you say “generation platform for ticketing and reside occasions.”

Yeah. Glance, we’re an working machine for venues, however what we’re fascinated about are the ones occasions the place the largest artists, the largest sports activities groups on the earth are taking part in, for the reason that underlying dynamics in the ones environments create the fan shitshow that everyone cursed at me for in a few of my outdated jobs. Proper?

As a result of when there’s disparity between delivery and insist — there’s simplest 20,000 tickets to peer the Golden State Warriors and there’s two million individuals who need them — the revel in of promoting the ones, of managing get right of entry to and stock and safety thru that procedure is, so say the fanatics, an uncomfortable revel in. That two hours when the workforce’s at the court docket or the artist is at the degree, is electrical.

Other folks like going to the article, they prefer observing …

They prefer being there within the seat for 2 hours.

They’re keen to pay some amount of cash for the article.

However the revel in round it’s foundationally damaged. In the event you move presently and seek for “Hamilton” tickets, right here we’re in New York, proper?


There are tickets unfold all around the internet. It will be the similar of looking for a flight and seat 29A is on one website online and row 14 is on every other website online and part of top notch is on every other. There’s no canonical supply the place you’ll simply move, “What’re all my choices to move see the display this night?”

As you recognize, the on-sale procedure remains to be a painful revel in for other folks and that’s as a result of when two million other folks need 20,000 distinctive SKUs at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, that’s in reality a kinda tremendous onerous engineering problem to unravel and a shopper revel in downside to unravel.

There’s nonetheless billions of bucks that leaks into the secondary marketplace. $15 billion this 12 months will move into the secondary marketplace at the backs of groups and artists as a result of they only don’t know how to worth their product correctly.

On the finish of the day, it’s even worse for groups and artists. They’re shedding that cash on a few of these greatest occasions. They know lower than 10 p.c of the individuals who stroll within the door. And that’s loopy from a customer-relationship control perspective as a result of they’re undertaking all their transactions on-line and cellular, however they just know 10 p.c in their consumers. That’s like when you had a cocktail party and also you simplest knew one out of 10 individuals who walked on your door.

We’re going to again means up. So, to start with, who’s your visitor right here? Is your visitor me or is your visitor Madison Sq. Lawn?

So there’s a two-sided market, proper? We’re essentially endeavor instrument that is helping those groups and venues and artists run their financial institution.

So, your visitor is the venue and/or the act.

That’s proper. It begins with the workforce and the venue, in reality, as a result of in those massive venues, it’s that anchor tenant, the sports activities workforce, that makes the verdict about what platform they’re going to make use of.

I stay keeping off announcing “ticketing platform” as a result of ticketing’s more or less the simple phase. Ticketing is, how do I am getting that individual within the door. The query is, now that I do know who they’re, now that I solved that downside of simplest understanding 10 p.c of my visitors, now I do know 100 p.c of my visitors, what do I do with it?

However, I wish to stay backing up. Proper? For the reason that frustration that I’ve as a shopper about it’s too tricky to shop for tickets, or I will’t purchase tickets or I don’t know the place the seat is. A part of that, it’s worthwhile to give a boost to and possibly that will make me happier and possibly I’d be much more likely to spend.


But it surely additionally turns out like, from the whole thing I will inform, most of the people are going to a few those occasions a 12 months, they’re going to the development as a result of they wish to move to that match and whether or not they’re handled poorly or now not, they wish to move.

The article they’re essentially unsatisfied about is that they both can’t purchase the price tag or the price tag is simply too pricey. You’ll be able to’t repair that, that’s an actual property downside, that’s a fundamental supply-demand downside. You’ll be able to’t make extra NBA video games.

That’s proper.

You’ll be able to’t make extra Springsteen on Broadway.

That’s proper.

So you’ll’t repair any of that.

That’s proper. And I believe, in my outdated process as CEO of Ticketmaster, I believe Ticketmaster takes bullets and will get unfairly blamed for restricted delivery, and I’ll allow them to inform you about that. Now that’s now not my process. However I’d argue two issues. One is, the reside match trade continues to develop low-double digits 12 months over 12 months. There’s an enormous alternative to keep growing that, as a result of while you take a look at different onsite reviews and the way in which they monetize the ones consumers, the reside match trade is simply beginning to scratch the skin on tactics to do this.

So there’s tactics to take the client base that’s already stated, “I wish to pay x amount of cash,” or, “I wish to pay anything to move see anything reside,” even if we’re in a global the place the whole thing will get streamed, the price of seeing anything reside is possibly much more essential to me than it ever has been.


And you are saying we will extract extra worth out of that call for.

Completely. If groups simplest know 10 p.c in their consumers lately, if the venue simplest is aware of 10 p.c of the folks strolling within the door or 20 p.c of the folks strolling within the door, there are form of a power multiplier you’ll put at the collection of visitor relationships you’ve gotten and the revel in you’ll supply to that individual.

If I don’t know you in the similar means that Amazon is aware of you extremely smartly, it may well construct a super on-line revel in, those venues must know you in detail smartly as a way to supply a super revel in for you.

I gave a few of them my bank card, my e-mail, they know that. Proper? Possibly I bought the price tag however …

Once in a while, however when you purchased it thru anonymously, when you purchased a work of paper thru a market like StubHub, they do not know who you might be. For the ones high-demand occasions, there’s lots of job within the secondary marketplace. And abruptly, they don’t know those other folks strolling during the door, which, once more, is loopy from a customer-relationship control perspective, it’s additionally loopy from a safety viewpoint.

If we wish to know the whole thing about 100 other folks getting on an plane, possibly we must know anything about 100,000 other folks strolling in a stadium.

Proper. So the pitch is, I’m going to make you extra money, I’m going to make this factor more secure, and/or I’m going to scale back legal responsibility for you.

Yeah. Rival makes groups extra money, it introduces them to all their fanatics and it helps to keep everyone more secure.

I talked on your outdated boss, Michael Rapino, for a podcast like this a few years in the past. It perceived to me — and he was once speaking concerning the push he was once looking to make each Reside Country and Ticketmaster extra consumer-focused firms. It perceived to me that that sounded excellent, but in addition more or less inappropriate. As a result of once more, if I wish to move see the Warriors play or Springsteen play, I don’t care the place I am getting the price tag from, I don’t care whether or not it’s a excellent revel in or now not, essentially.

I disagree. The Warriors? You may well be proper. However the Sacramento Kings? The New Orleans Pelicans? They’re having to hustle to promote tickets.

The issues I don’t wish to purchase, I nonetheless don’t wish to purchase. If you are making it more uncomplicated for me to shop for, then possibly, but it surely’s like a Groupon. Proper? Like, when you give it to me part off, certain, possibly.

Right here’s what I’d say: We’re chemically stressed out to be in combination as human beings.


Such a lot of of our day-to-day reviews now are being confined to those person, solo — glance, looking at my telephone — cellular, solitary reviews.


So, the transfer from issues to reviews is as a lot about cultural/generational stuff as it’s about proceeding that human interplay.

However once more, I both wish to move to the article and be round other folks or I don’t. You making it, decreasing friction, making it more uncomplicated, the ones are all great issues to have, but when I wish to move the article, I wish to move to the article. You announcing, “This factor you didn’t wish to move to? I’m going to make it more uncomplicated so that you can attend.” I don’t see the upside there.

I believe, and Michael almost certainly spoke to this when he was once right here as a result of he’s the neatest on the earth about this, there are a wealth of fanatics in the market who do not know concerning the occasions which are taking place. There’s an enormous consciousness alternative.

Coldplay got here to the city, any individual didn’t know. There’s a Yankees sport this night, Yankees play the Purple Sox, three-game set this week, other folks didn’t know. So, instructing the ones shoppers on what’s taking place, but in addition engaging them to come back out, a part of the friction in getting other folks out, I disagree with you that you simply both completely are in otherwise you’re completely out.

There are people who find themselves on the lookout for issues to do. Eventbrite’s about to move IPO in accordance with this precise premise, proper? Which is that folks wish to get out and do issues. So A) you’ll build up consciousness, however B) there’s a ton of friction in going to and experiencing that match.

Now, with those structures like Madison Sq. Lawn, like Barclays right here in New York, like all of the huge arenas and stadiums all over the world which were constructed within the closing decade with shoppers such as you in thoughts announcing, “Hello, I need you to come back out.” That is extra than simply sitting in a plastic seat for 2 hours and looking at what’s at the court docket. This can be a set of reviews, it’s meals, there’s a wide variety of actions you’ll do, there’s family-oriented issues. So that they’re form of developing mini theme parks virtually to get other folks out to these reviews.

I believe there’s a giant, giant swath of consumers who’re informal match goers, who, when you get rid of that friction to going, you’ll develop the marketplace enormously.

So, I’ve were given you all peppered up, you’re in gross sales mode, you move to the Warriors, you move to Madison Sq. Lawn, you move to Michael Rapino, you are saying, I’m going to give a boost to this trade for you. Aren’t they telling you, “Smartly glance, our trade works nice. We’ve were given nice distributors or we’re the distributors and, through the way in which, this can be a actual property trade, there’s just one one that has get right of entry to to this quantity of actual property and that’s us. Thank you, however no thank you.”

No, I believe what they’re announcing is, “We see the chance to get to grasp our consumers, we all know the forms of provides and alternatives we’d installed entrance of them if we were given to grasp them. If we had the underlying endeavor instrument to do this, we’d be overjoyed. Are you able to assist us?” That’s what we listen.

In the event you’re a hit in making this sale, do you’ve gotten consumers?

We do. Our first shopper, which remains to be confidential, will release subsequent 12 months.

Release subsequent … calendar subsequent 12 months?


Who’re you displacing? When persons are writing the test to you and announcing you’re in, who’re they getting rid of?

Current ticketing firms that energy their platform


May well be, however other folks ask about that aggressive piece at all times. The article that’s other about Ticketmaster as opposed to all of the different number one avid gamers is Ticketmaster has constructed up and has — and I’m tremendous happy with the paintings that they’ve persevered to do — a terrific consumer-facing website online.

Each and every different ticketing corporate doesn’t in reality have a … Ticketmaster competes with StubHub for the client, competes with Shiny Seats for the client. What we’re is in reality a back-end platform that shall we the workforce or the venue set up their stock, set up get right of entry to and put — and the second one piece of this, and we will speak about this as a result of that is some issues I labored on at Twitter, push that stock to anywhere they wish to promote it.

The use of the Rival platform, ostensibly, any individual may promote thru Amazon, thru their very own websites, thru StubHub, thru Ticketmaster, if that integration came about. I believe the back-end piece of what we do overlaps with one of the issues that Ticketmaster does.

After we say the folks, it’s in reality Reside Country/Ticketmaster, proper? There’s a handful of avid gamers who …

There’s masses of hundreds of thousands of tickets.


3-quarters of baseball isn’t on Ticketmaster. The Staples Middle in LA, LeBron’s outdated house in Cleveland, the O2 Middle in London, which is that this Madison Sq. Lawn similar in London, now not on Ticketmaster. So there’s a giant international in the market.

So, two other classes, so two other questions. One is, is your online business is the theory, “Smartly, we’re going to the puts the place Ticketmaster isn’t as a result of we will’t get in the place they’re. Or we legitimately suppose we will reside in a global the place we paintings with Ticketmaster.” As a result of it kind of feels to me that Michael Rapino would say, “That every one sounds nice, however we want to personal extra of the trade, now not much less. We’ve generation, used to paintings for us, we will do that stuff that you simply say you’re doing.”

Smartly, that is still observed. I believe that they’re as a lot a spouse for us as they’re competitor. We take a look at a complete international in the market the place they aren’t. We take a look at a complete bunch of tickets which are sitting on platforms which are a ways inferior, I believe, to even the usual lately. And we move get them.

This is an engaging trade that you simply’re in since you discussed Eventbrite, they’re going to IPO, and I’ve heard the oldsters at Reside Country say for years we expect those guys are actual, authentic competition for us. I’d’ve concept, smartly, when you stay announcing that, someday you’re going to shop for them or squash them. So that they controlled to make it thru and so they constructed up a trade that’s large enough to be an impartial ticketing corporate


Maximum of them don’t. Maximum of them fail, get purchased, get squashed.

I disagree with you on that.


I believe the e-commerce for reside occasions in additional colourful than it ever has been. StubHub is a multi-billion greenback corporate. Shiny is a multi-billion greenback corporate. SeatGeek simply were given valued, probably, extremely excessive.

Proper. I used to be going to mention, and as a counter, you’ve gotten those secondary guys.

However maximum of them now, as a result of there may be such a lot pageant and they’re rising such a lot, are announcing, “I will compete in two tactics. I will both compete on fan revel in and/or I will compete on stock,” having anything that’s differentiated. “And if I’m going to compete on stock, I wish to be the machine of report, that underlying platform, in order that I’m promoting the price tag the primary time.”

That’s number one ticketing and, simply as what we did at Ticketmaster, you recognize, our child when I used to be there, was once that TM Plus product that put number one and secondary in combination at the identical map. SeatGeek is now shifting into that and has purchased an Israeli ticketing corporate so that they’re now form of number one/secondary, they’re doing the Cowboys and the Saints and a couple of others.

You’re going to begin to see the marketplace blur the road between number one and secondary price tag as a result of the ones phrases don’t seem to be fan phrases.

No, in no way. And also you don’t know …

No fan provides a … proper.

I am going to Minnesota annually. I am going see a Twins sport annually.


And I take a look at the other apps. I’m curious, however I additionally use SeatGeek as a result of your good friend Invoice Simmons had a take care of them and I were given 20 greenbacks off or I were given 20 p.c off my first price tag.

Oh, you’re welcome.

You’re welcome. It’s utterly unclear to me the place the price tag is coming from.


It seems official and I am getting in with it, so I’m high quality with it.


I’ve performed round with sufficient of the other apps, all of them kinda display me an image of what the seat seems like …


… what the view seems like. I don’t know — or I shouldn’t know or care — if it’s a number one price tag or a secondary price tag. And it kind of feels to me, in a global the place the patron doesn’t know or care the place these things is coming from, that it’s very tricky for brand spanking new firms to come back up, as a result of in spite of everything you’re nonetheless promoting the very same product: A seat at a sport.

Two issues. One is the patron does care after they stroll as much as the gate, they’ve a pretend price tag, which occurs …

That’s dangerous. Yeah.

… masses of occasions an evening at giant occasions. However secondly, it’s a supply-driven trade.


There’re simplest 20,000 seats to the live performance, proper? Or to the sport. And so, there’s an underlying platform that has to energy that. And I will’t imagine in the beginning of the podcast we had a 20 minute debate over whether or not or now not the revel in is excellent or now not. We will be able to move seek fanatics’ frustrations and it’ll inform you the whole thing that they would like. It may be and will likely be made higher.

I believe nobody has taken … By means of the way in which, you stated that, in speaking about Eventbrite, when I used to be CEO of Ticketmaster, there have been two firms I aroused from sleep petrified of. It was once Eventbrite and it was once StubHub. It was once StubHub as a result of they owned the top user, and it was once Eventbrite as a result of they have been ranging from scratch with fairness and nice engineers and a unconditionally clean slate. From scratch, they may’ve constructed a platform. Now, they selected to stick in a lane that, to their credit score, and I like Julie and Kevin enormously, will produce an organization that went public.

To struggle StubHub, we went after their trade. We went deep into secondary, and that stored StubHub of their lane, thus far anyway, a minimum of. The fan doesn’t care, however the revel in remains to be now not a super one. No fan wakes up and went, “That was once superior. I cherished that complete procedure.” Numerous those merchandise are single-start apps within the app retailer, however no one has accomplished the onerous paintings.

It’s onerous, lengthy paintings, and that’s why this can be a VC-funded trade, through the way in which. Now not each and every trade must be VC funded, for us it’s, to construct out the richness and robustness of the endeavor instrument that it takes to run a Madison Sq. Lawn. That takes years to construct, coupled with, “What’s the toughest e-commerce problem on Earth from an engineering viewpoint?” Which, once more, is when two million other folks need 20,000 distinctive SKUs that may be bundled all in combination all at 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning. That’s a in reality tricky factor to do.

For the closing twenty years, no one’s accomplished that onerous paintings. Everyone has replicated what StubHub constructed, which is successfully a market to interchange nameless items of paper. So Rival, for the primary time in 20 years or so — after the arrival of Cloud, after the arrival of recent SaaS structure, digital camera and visualization generation, cellular — is construction from the bottom up that working machine. Once more, no one’s accomplished that during 20 years. Whilst you say, “Loads have are available and check out and fill …” I disagree.

You discussed Amazon in short.


Closing 12 months, a whole lot of other people concept Amazon was once going to get into this trade. It sort of feels like a trade that Amazon would come weigh down, proper? They may be able to come weigh down anything else. We simply had a presentation from Scott Galloway at our Code Trade factor, and he mentioned, they’re the similar of the Allies and the U.S. with their defeating everybody else simply with extra gas, proper?


Necessarily limitless sources. So that is anything the place they are able to purchase their means into the trade. In addition they have direct get right of entry to to the patron …


… and you may suppose their pitch can be in reality efficient, which is why they’re going to, “Purchase our means in and/or we’re going that will help you guys promote your entire unsold stock.” A 12 months later, they don’t appear to have long gone anyplace with that trade. What do you suppose stopped them, a minimum of thus far?

It’s a supply-driven trade and so they don’t have delivery. That you must construct probably the most stunning consumer-facing interface, however when you don’t in reality have delivery, it doesn’t subject.

Which we simply spent 20 mins speaking about, proper?


You both have the Beyonce price tag otherwise you don’t.

And they don’t have … For all of the different spaces in their trade, they’ve provider gear, no matter, 50 p.c in their trade comes from third-party dealers, and they are able to add their stock onto Amazon. They’d none of that. So that you’re construction this gorgeous … It’s bushes falling within the woods…

It’s like we’re in a rabbit hollow since you have been simply explaining the way you have been going to get into this trade even if it’s supply-driven, however simply …

As a result of I’m doing the paintings that they didn’t.

However let’s park that for a 2nd.

No, that’s the appropriate query. We’re construction the underlying endeavor instrument to in reality set up delivery. They constructed only a consumer-facing interface.

So that you’re announcing, “It’s price you, X Stadium or X Group, to offer me your online business as a result of I can in reality do anything with it that Amazon can’t”?

Yeah, you’d be capable to promote it thru Amazon. Amazon’s constructed a host of retail outlets with empty cabinets.

However you discussed the Pelicans or those groups. They’re now not Beyonce. They’re now not the Warriors.


Wouldn’t Amazon be capable to purchase their means in there, say, “Glance, you guys have a large number of unsold stock. We’re going to package deal it with High or …”

Completely. Right here, I believe, was once Amazon’s misstep. They be told over the years, so I don’t suppose that tale’s over, however Amazon’s misstep was once, in fact, they’d be nice at promoting upper-deck tickets for the Sacramento Kings. That brings now not a large number of worth to High participants. The High participants need the front-row tickets. Smartly, bet what? The live performance promoters and the groups don’t want assist promoting the ground seats.


They don’t wish to give Amazon their visitor information, and my intestine says that on the finish of the day, Amazon was once now not keen to offer the groups and the artists the client information. They sought after to totally keep an eye on the client and the revel in, and the groups and the artists stated, “Smartly, I’m now not providing you with my highest consumers, so we’re at loggerheads” and so they didn’t make development.

So that you’ve been in and round tune, reside biz and ticketing for a very long time.


My same old rule of thumb — for virtual tune, a minimum of — is somebody who was once in that trade leaves it and not comes again. What about this appeals to you, essentially?

I want that I didn’t adore it. I want I may surrender you. Glance, I began as a child, as a traveling performer. I made tune. I had 4, 5 albums signed to a report label in Nashville, toured round annually taking part in tune. It simply runs thru me. The power of the group, the power of that reside match, it simply crackles thru me. It’s why I like this town.

I do know that the issues that exist lately, that frustrate fanatics, that frustrate the workforce homeowners who I communicate to each and every week, are solvable thru generation. I discovered that at Twitter. I discovered what a small, high-performance product engineering design workforce can construct, and the way.

All the thesis in the back of Rival was once those are solvable issues if we give ourselves runway to do the onerous paintings and construct the underlying endeavor platform, the patron dealing with piece and remedy the issues, leveraging generation as it’s lately, that we will make the revel in higher. We’re a product-driven technique. We make no bones about that, and we’ll both achieve success or we’ll dig a large hollow within the floor.

The usual rap for the closing 10 years for tune, of industrial, has been you guys are both going to make no cash promoting tune historically, otherwise you’ll make a bit bit of cash from streams, or when you’re phenomenally a hit, you’ll make some cash from streams. Move make it reside.


You’re in reality going to make your cash reside.


That at all times perceived to me to be now not very life like with a large number of acts that may’t excursion or shouldn’t be traveling, or they’ve a music. However the excursion trade helps to keep expanding each precise greenback worth and the collection of tickets bought helps to keep creeping up, proper?


Do you suppose that development continues?

I do. And the one query from right here is that if the artist is in reality making 80 to 90 p.c of his cash from traveling, how lengthy can the opposite stakeholders within the trade keep out of that? As a result of Apple’s were given a type that sells . K. Spotify has a type that we’ll see. They could …

Spotify is the one tune corporate — simplest virtual tune corporate — this is just a virtual tune corporate. Everybody else is promoting anything else.

Yeah. They’re on a adventure to be greater than that, regardless that. They’re both going to vertically combine into content material, or they’re going to horizontally enlarge into different forms of media and lift costs and move.

However extensively, you suppose there may be an expanding target audience of people that wish to move see stuff reside, and it doesn’t simply need to be Fleetwood Mac’s Everlasting Farewell Excursion or no matter, the handful of usually older acts and a handful of latest acts. That smartly helps to keep replenishing.

I believe it does. Glance, in 2008 the rap on Reside Country, which was once a small corporate at the moment, was once that, “Oh jeez. All of the outdated acts are going to die,” proper? The Stones are going to kick it. McCartney … What’s going to be the following technology? Right here we’re 10 years later and the trade is more healthy than ever.

I believe that, once more, we’re chemically stressed out to come back in combination. As long as persons are developing, persons are going to come back out and notice it. And the advantage of the Spotifys of the sector is it does get to that long-tail principle, which is other folks can establish and cluster round smaller bands, and the ones bands, then, can move out and commute. My very own crappy band, once we move survive Periscope thru Twitter, 500 other folks are available and watch it. What?!

One closing query about your online business. It’s an endeavor trade, proper? It’s important to move to the workforce, to the stadium, make the take care of them. They’re your visitor.

That’s proper.

Is there any means to do that the opposite direction? The place you’re a user logo and other folks wish to come to you and also you increase your leverage that means?

I believe that’s what StubHub did.


However that’s now not how we means the trade. It’s a supply-driven trade. We’re construction the most productive gear on the earth, have constructed the most productive gear on the earth to control delivery. Now, within the longer run, this can be a platform that manages stock and get right of entry to and facilitates trade anywhere other folks collect.

As you consider the venue of the longer term, it’s now not near to a live performance in 4 partitions. It’s about a complete retail campus and revel in the place the live performance or the sport is in reality bait to deliver other folks out to those retail reviews which are changing, as Amazon upends the retail international, to being about other folks congregating and coming in combination. That, within the giant image, is what Rival’s about.

And, preferably, you’re taking a slice of that and …

Proper, manages get right of entry to and stock and trade anywhere other folks collect. That’s what Rival in the long run method.

Have you ever ever thought of letting other folks see limitless numbers of films for $10 a month?

I heard that you’ll make it up in quantity.

Yeah. The MoviePass man was once proper right here the place you’re sitting in February.

How’d he fare? How’d he fare underneath the highlight?

He was once announcing it’s important to burn cash to become profitable.

Smartly, from time to time that’s true.

They’re nonetheless alive!

Once in a while that’s true.

They’re nonetheless round.

It calls for the second one piece, regardless that, in the long run getting cash.

I imply, through the way in which, probably the most problems that he had — past the truth that he was once shedding cash on each and every transaction — was once it was once in reality simplest going to paintings if he may get the AMCs and the opposite handful of huge delivery homeowners to paintings with him.

That’s it.

You could have the similar factor.

Yeah, and I believe you’ve were given an overly fragmented … Out of doors of the massive incumbent, you’ve were given an overly, very fragmented trade of delivery homeowners that experience generation platforms that simply don’t seem to be on top of things, and we’ve were given the most productive product on the earth. So, we’ll see what occurs.

We discussed Twitter a pair occasions. You ran trade there?

Sure, and moved directly to babysit the media workforce and others, however yeah.

So Twitter by no means in reality had trade? Nonetheless doesn’t.

Smartly, I’m so wistful about seeing what got here out of Code Trade this week the place it’s so transparent that Instagram has grabbed, and a host of my Twitter alums, we’ve all been DMing each and every different this week as it’s so transparent that it is going on, and …

Yeah, each and every unmarried corporate that was once up there, that’s the place they have been spending their cash and that’s the place they have been changing other folks.

Glance, the problem at Twitter was once that you simply didn’t have the canvas to deliver buying groceries to existence. It’s the similar …

Are you speaking about the real structure of Twitter, or there simply weren’t sufficient other folks the usage of Twitter?

Yeah. No, there have been sufficient other folks, however the real structure of Twitter, there wasn’t … The long-term problem at Twitter has been, “How can we get other folks out of the timeline into every other revel in?” Moments is the primary time that folks in reality began to do this. That took a large number of persistence. A few of Twitter’s video projects are the second one foray into that, however Instagram, it seems, partially on account of what they’ve accomplished with Tales, which has broadened other folks’s desirous about what Instagram is, Instagram has permission to off-ramp other folks into different reviews out of that house feed.

It’s additionally simply, “Right here’s a stupendous image or video that’s a super billboard. Are you curious about those footwear?” Then they are able to lead you someplace.

That’s proper. On the core, what’s buying groceries on Instagram and Twitter? It’s transactional advert devices …

Yeah, and through the way in which, buying groceries on Instagram nonetheless is simply factor, proper? It’s nonetheless most commonly billboards. There’s nonetheless little or no precise trade taking place.

However when you concentrate to their advertisers and also you concentrate to them, there’s a explanation why there’s a buzz about, “Smartly, possibly they’re going to begin a separate buying groceries app.” I don’t suppose that’s the place they’ll in the long run move, however I believe …

It seems like they’re now not, in reality.

Proper. They have got a canvas that may facilitate this, and other folks lately … All you needed to do was once glance to Asia the place WeChat was once doing this extremely smartly. That you must inform that thru time, that form of invisible line between social content material revel in and trade reviews was once going to be erased.

Simply to overcome this into the bottom, Instagram is a feed.


It’s virtually solely footage and now, some video. Twitter is a feed this is very text-based, however for sure can accommodate footage, can accommodate video. Is that this anything the place, when you went again to it now, there’d be an actual alternative to do it and it’s worthwhile to do it? Or is there anything baked into Twitter, in the way in which that most of the people use Twitter, and it’s textual content and re-tweets, and it’s Donald Trump announcing outrageous shit, this is going to stop it from in reality being a trade trade?

I imagine that simply as manufacturers spend their cash on Twitter, trade and transactions can occur there. We proved that trade and transactions … We bought the primary price tag thru social media on Twitter. It might probably occur for the appropriate issues, however the use case must be broadened about what Twitter is, and I’m certain we will communicate extra about this. The use case of what Twitter is — deliberately through Jack, I believe — has been lovely slim over the last couple of years as they’ve sought to function on themselves whilst operating in a marathon.

You assert, “it’s information.” Then “information” has form of a large definition.

That’s proper. Instagram has broadened what it’s into a bigger content material platform with a richer set of reviews that, I believe, provides Instagram permission to introduce buying groceries reviews, and it’s operating.

Twitter has had more than one leaders. Once in a while other folks like Jack may come greater than as soon as. Which period have been you underneath?

I used to be underneath each. Maximum of my time was once with Dick Costolo, however a few of my time was once with Jack. I were given to peer them each.

This concept that Twitter is in reality treasured, has a large number of information, however may be a cesspool and a house for Nazis and different malcontents, that turns out like that’s a quite contemporary form of standard knowledge about Twitter. That wasn’t taking place when you have been there. There was once a large number of abuse, however …

No, I believe we understood the abuse to be … We didn’t perceive the exploitation. A minimum of, it wasn’t a part of the continuing discussion as a result of on the time there have been … Dick extensively utilized to mention, “Twitter both is at the quilt of magazines and internet sites as this hovering hen or as a lifeless hen.” We have been in a specifically dead-bird segment, post-IPO.

Yeah. There was once a lifeless hen on New York Mag, proper?

And so the focal point there was once, “Jeez. K, how can we encourage consumer enlargement and get shifting there?” However … Sufficient on Twitter.

We’re all more or less obsessive about Twitter, regardless that. We will be able to’t prevent speaking about it. It’s like that and Trump.

It issues. Glance, your query was once, “Will we perceive abuse?” Sure, we did. In fact we did. The query is, “The place is that platform going to move from right here?” And … I’m looking ahead to the Snap merger.


It’s time. As any individual who ran a big incumbent, the most productive factor that you need as a big incumbent is your whole little competition to be fragmented and having to promote towards each and every different as a result of what they finally end up doing is promoting towards each and every different’s advance proposition, now not the massive incumbent.

Who’s making the case for that? Is that Jack going to Evan, announcing, “This can be a excellent concept for you. Pay attention.” Or is it the opposite direction round?

I believe it’s almost certainly their forums, as a result of I’m now not certain both of them … I imply, it’s either one of their small children. They’re now not going to form of voluntarily do this, I be expecting. That’s now not essentially founder ego such a lot as it’s only founder targeted.

Who will get extra upside from that merger?

Smartly, Twitter’s two times the marketplace cap. At this time, I don’t know. We’ll see. I in reality suppose almost certainly Snap does as a result of they’re two years in the back of the place Twitter was once at the evolution curve, the place buyers begin to move, “Hmm, this isn’t rising up to I assumed, so there’s now not as many eyeballs to position advertisements in entrance of.”


Now I simply must measure what number of eyeballs are seeing advertisements, and what number of advertisements are you able to put towards the ones eyeballs? The drive invariably comes on consumer revel in. Now, Evan has been tremendous protecting of that, and excellent on him. I simply suppose that in the end, scale is why Fb wins, and you’ve got two very fascinating, very fascinating merchandise which are actually competing with each and every different, now not only for advert bucks, but in addition for content material, and I want to see the ones two firms come in combination.

Snap is the closing form of giant social platform to emerge, within the U.S. a minimum of. At one level it was once simply commonplace knowledge to move … Clearly, a brand new one goes to come back and exchange it. Are we at some degree the place everybody has what they want and so they’ve already sampled the whole thing and everybody has a smartphone and it’s going to be very onerous to displace a Twitter or a Snap or a Fb or an Instagram? Or do you simply think anything is coming and we simply can’t see it?

My resolution to this is that anything is coming and we don’t see it. I believe other folks migrated most commonly … The migration clear of Fb is as it’s now not cool and it’s now not the place your persons are, and it seems like each and every demographic and technology have anything that’s for them. The one query is whether or not that will get constructed natively or form of organically out of present avid gamers — historical past says it by no means does — or whether or not anything new comes alongside and will get snapped up.

So in case your older brother, older sister is on Snap, you’re going to wish to use anything else someday?

I believe so. Instagram’s accomplished a super process of pivoting and pulling other folks in, so possibly they are able to stay that up. We’ll see.

Who in that international, when you needed to guess a greenback on probably the most platforms lately, in order that you’d be taking pictures worth going ahead, proper? What are you maximum constructive about?




Despite the fact that we all know that Instagram is a large deal, so it’s totally valued.

Yeah. Glance. The best form of … We don’t have 30 for 30 within the tech house, however we must. And the tale that must be advised is …

That is your pal Invoice Simmons’s documentary sequence.

Sure. The tale that must be advised is the breakdown of the Twitter/Instagram acquisition, which might have modified the internet and cellular perpetually and altered what Twitter is.

Proper. Twitter had credit score for seeing it, going, “We wish to purchase that.”

Yup. And it didn’t occur, and it’s why Fb is the place they’re and it’s why Twitter is the place it’s. And Snap is the place it’s.

And also you’re announcing there’s extra to that tale than simply Mark Zuckerberg appearing up with a large test?

I believe there’s an overly deep, wealthy tale round what in reality came about over the process the ones months and weeks that must be advised.

Are we able to speak about that offline when you’re now not gonna inform me now?

I wasn’t within the room, so I’m now not the only to be interviewed.

Song. We did Amazon, we did Twitter.


Your small business. Spotify.


Within the tune trade.

Sure, they’re.

They have got talked off and on, most commonly privately, from time to time publicly, about their need to do different stuff. They performed round with video for a little. That you must see Viacom displays at the telephone for a minute. That didn’t paintings. They’ve long gone into podcast, it form of possibly labored. Do you suppose they be capable to department out?


How are they gonna do this?

Smartly, I believe they want a canvas to turn it. I believe after they were given the Taylor video, as an example, it almost certainly wasn’t offered in some way that was once tremendous obtainable. I simply suppose, now not in contrast to what we simply mentioned …

I’m guessing it’s Taylor Swift, was once there an unique?

Yeah, I believe round … She had form of an unique video that got here out on Spotify, and I believe other folks had a troublesome time discovering it. And that isn’t the finish of the sector. It’s similar to we mentioned with Twitter, Twitter didn’t create a canvas till additional down the street for form of a special more or less viewing or consumer revel in. And Spotify can and can get there. In the event that they’re gonna transfer into different content material, then they’re gonna move do this deal and land that anchor that they want. Whether or not that’s the XM Howard Stern deal or Netflix’s offers or Amazon’s offers. They only want that something, and they are able to construct on it.

Do you suppose it’s a product downside or form of an organization downside? To me, it kind of feels like each, however essentially.

I don’t suppose it’s an issue. I believe it’s alternative.

However they’ve were given a factor that works so smartly that I flip it on, I put it in my pocket, after which I’m in reality satisfied.


As a result of they’re giving me tune, and I don’t wish to move hang around with them. I don’t wish to …

I do know, however Amazon began in books. Take into consideration what Daniel … Daniel [Ek] went public, he’s were given Apple Song nipping at his heels. If I’m Daniel, the most productive factor I will do as CEO is make certain this primary 12 months of going public that we have got excessive laser center of attention as an organization as a result of we’ve were given an actual hungry competitor nipping at us, and we’re being measured now on a quarterly foundation. So I’m rather certain the fight plans are there, however would you release them 3 months into being public? No, you most likely wouldn’t.

So I believe there’s plenty of alternative forward. They have got a super consumer base that’s gonna do it … they’ve were given a whole lot of fashions that experience come prior to them of ways you enlarge from a slim vertical into different fields, whether or not that’s Amazon or Netflix, and it’s coming. As a result of glance, if it doesn’t come you then believe having a look at their in keeping with unit economics in the event that they’re now not gonna elevate costs that they’ve were given to move downstream and birth competing with labels. And I’m simply now not certain that they really feel like that’s their trade.

However to compete, that’s the opposite factor I sought after to invite you about, was once the competing with labels phase, proper? So that they distribute Common Song to me, I pay them, they pay Common.


They obviously laid out a plan the place they wish to move to a couple artists and say, “You both don’t wish to paintings with a report label, or through the way in which, you’re now not in reality operating with a report label now. Do a deal without delay with me, now not unique however do just a deal without delay with me, you’re going to stay virtually all the cash as an alternative of having little or no of the cash, it’s higher for you.”


In the event that they do this sufficient with sufficient artists, that’s an actual downside for Common Song and the prevailing giant labels.

Possibly. However such a lot of streaming is catalogued, and labels keep an eye on the catalog, and that’s simply the purpose of leverage. So I believe you’re proper that they’re gonna do that lovable little dance and so they’re gonna see how a ways they are able to wade into the water with out bumming out their provider, because it have been. However that catalog, oof …

Proper, so that’s the stress, and that is what, when you move to Common they are saying, “We personal all this catalog.” That’s outdated tune, to everybody who’s listening. “If Spotify needs to compete with us, we’re gonna stroll away.” However the stress is correct, is that Spotify has constructed themselves up sufficient that Common and the massive labels in reality want the cash that Spotify’s giving them.

Yeah, they want a distribution.

They may be able to’t in reality stroll away.


Spotify can’t in reality have them flip off.


Proper? If a 3rd of the tune on Spotify is going away the next day, that’s an actual downside for Spotify.

Proper. Which is why I don’t suppose the fascinating query is whether or not they’re gonna get into that tune content material. They’ll do a little of it, evidently, they’re gonna discover a satisfied medium with the labels as a result of they want each and every different.

You suppose that detente is structurally form of caught there?

It has to occur. It has to occur on account of their interdependency. No person has the trump card there but. Yeah, so Spotify will get larger, however Spotify’s now not gonna be the one sport on the town with Apple Song. So the labels are gonna have that leverage.

And when you don’t know this trade, regardless that, you glance at the out of doors and move, “This simply seems like Netflix,” proper? The place they used to have to shop for DVDs. Then they began purchasing content material without delay from the studios, and the studios stated, “Sufficient of that.” After which they’re making their very own. And now they find the money for, sufficient leverage that they are able to more or less be successful with out Fox or Disney.

The adaptation is that you simply don’t watch a film or a display most often greater than as soon as. They usually’re wearing the soundtracks of our lives. And for this reason it’s important to have that catalog as a result of I concentrate to Joni Mitchell’s Blue album or the brand new Kanye report, like, again to again and again and again. I’ve simplest watched, you recognize, no matter, “The Handmaid’s Story,” as soon as.


So I believe that’s the facility of the catalog. And why what’s going to be fascinating from an execution perspective in Spotify’s case is whether or not they move horizontally out and into different media verticals.

In the event you needed to guess, how do you suppose they’ll continue?

If I needed to guess, how do I believe they’ll continue? I believe the fight plans are there for them to move horizontally evidently. I believe Troy Carter’s departure — and Troy is a chum — is a sign that they’re shifting into the following segment in their artist relationships, let’s put it that means. And certain, they’re gonna do a little direct offers with artists, however that’s gonna be accomplished in a … there’s gonna be a contented medium that’s reached with the labels there. I believe they’re gonna transfer in reality briefly into different kinds of audio content material, and I’m certain that video’s now not a ways in the back of.

So horizontal which means we’ve already added podcasts, however they’ll move deeper into podcasts or anything like that that may ship to you on their platform.

Yeah, throughout the canvas that they have got now, however I’m certain any individual’s were given some nice mock design/UX poster forums at the partitions of Spotify’s workplaces that display what a video revel in is gonna seem like.

Do you suppose you’re going to peer … That is anything I’ve requested you, but it surely’s a perennial query, proper? There’s at all times one or two — Probability the Rapper is in the market — who’ve long gone and created a a hit musical occupation with out a large label or they created a a hit musical occupation with a label after which they move off on their very own, like a Radiohead.


However there’s just a couple at any given time. Do you suppose we’re going to get to some degree the place sufficient other folks after all say, “There’s sufficient upside for me to do the paintings and in reality do that myself or get a VC to fund me or I now not want a Common,” and there’s multiple or two of them doing it.

I’m now not certain that the ones are mutually unique issues. I believe Common will supply a host of services and products to these artists, however there’s for sure that the decade has facilitated this transition from artists to marketers. Proper? The most efficient, the largest artists on the earth — Madonna, Jay-Z, U2, Taylor Swift — the ones are the most productive logo managers you recognize. At the back of the scenes, they’re doing that. And that now, artists in reality do have the gear to make that migration from artist to form of artist/entrepreneur.

And sure, we’re gonna proceed to peer extra of them pop up and use their leverage to paintings with firms from the labels for advertising and give a boost to to Spotify and Apple for distribution, to sponsors to, once more, reside match firms who’re gonna assist them make their cash.

I love calling her Taylor Smith. I’m gonna name her that for now. Taylor Smith’s album take care of Common is up.


So we’ve mentioned this prior to. And now it’s more or less a meme. Do you suppose she re-signs with Common as a result of that’s the perfect factor to do? There’s in reality no possibility there for her? Do you suppose she does anything the place she takes on extra possibility and there’s extra upside for her?

When I used to be at Reside Country in overdue 2000s, Scott Swift, her dad, referred to as me as soon as each and every two months and stated, “You guys don’t perceive, my 13-year-old daughter is a celeb.”

However you should have were given the ones calls at all times.

“She’s taking part in …” Sure. “However she’s taking part in those amphitheaters, and also you guys aren’t servicing the fan proper. There’s a wide variety of alternatives to become profitable in a in reality wholesome sure means for the fan. The revel in must be higher,” on and on and on. And sure, I were given the ones calls at all times, and the primary couple of occasions I used to be like, “Ugh.” And also you cling up. And he stored going … he knew certain as Sunday that he had now not only a big name but in addition probably the most smartest trade minds of a technology in his kin.

And so each and every step of the way in which that I’ve watched her occupation evolve has been the development of artist as entrepreneur. And so … Right here’s what I do know. Your next step goes to be anything new and anything other and anything groundbreaking that advances the reason for artists total. I do know that that camp thinks that means, and I believe they’re gonna … That doesn’t essentially imply they’re leaving behind the label.


However I believe they’re gonna display what can occur in the similar means that you simply’re beginning to see athletes begin to say, “Hello, we’ve constructed up those large manufacturers. How do I construct a trade round that? How do I take extra keep an eye on and in the long run a bigger percentage of the economics?”

So it sounds such as you’ll be shocked if there’s a tale the next day that claims she is re-upped for a 4 or two or no matter album take care of Common and has were given an X-sized advance and it more or less seems like some other artist deal?

If it seems like some other deal, I’ll be shocked. I wouldn’t be shocked if she continues the connection with Common. Nice label, can give a boost to her in a wide variety of how. However I’m rather certain that she’ll have some fascinating keep an eye on and independence in decision-making and perhaps even in the way in which that she releases her content material going ahead. It sort of feels to me foolish to begin doing report offers in accordance with albums now. “You owe me an album. We’re gonna do a 5 album deal.” In a global wherein streaming is blowing up that idea altogether, why would you do an album deal as opposed to a content-focused deal?

Excluding that for a handful of other folks, and he or she’s one in all them, other folks nonetheless purchase her albums, they purchase virtual variations of her albums, they purchase precise CDs.

In fact, I’d simply argue that she may almost certainly make up to she’s getting paid for one-eighth of the content material. And that it’s almost certainly in her trade passion to — similar to sports activities leagues divvy up their media rights and promote them — that she will divvy up her content material rights and earn more money within the mixture as a result of each and every person Taylor Swift music is almost certainly price greater than the sum of the portions.

For the reason that outdated type was once the music is effective as it will get you to shop for the $15 CD that you simply didn’t in reality wish to purchase.


And also you suppose now we transfer to an generation the place the music in reality has worth in and of itself?

Yeah. Glance, I’m utterly fanboying out on Taylor.

Me, too.

However she is without doubt one of the maximum significant songwriters, like, she simply, she had …

Simply two middle-aged dudes speaking about Taylor Swift.

You are aware of it. Taylor Smith. She had a music, a rustic music of the 12 months, proper? My level is she’s going to proceed to create content material and almost certainly signing an album through album through album deal is an overly backwards state of mind about the type of artist that she is presently. She now’s a logo, and he or she’s almost certainly having a look on the entirety of her content material desirous about how do I monetize that during among the finest means going ahead? That’s now not a conventional report deal.

That stated, I’m certain that the extremely smart other folks at Common have a complete bunch of fascinating ways in which they are able to assist her as a result of they in reality do supply treasured provider to artists. They’re excellent at what they do.

And it’s essential for them to stay her. Proper? The headline, it says she walks away and is doing a take care of Andreessen Horowitz or no matter, may be very dangerous for them.

I don’t know if I accept as true with you on that. Why is that very dangerous for them?

That’s the way in which they consider it.

I believe they’ve a huge …

That’s what they inform me. They are saying, “We’ll pay x amount of cash to stay this artist even if they don’t promote as many data as it’s essential for us to mention we paintings with this artist.”

My intestine says that they’re measured through benefit and loss like some other trade in the end, and a part of the rationale that scale works for them is that they are able to easy out the ones bits and bobs of artists being at the label or now not, and so they are able to climate the hurricane. I’m certain they don’t need a headline, however they’d reasonably have a headline than a decision to responsibility within the boardroom for why they’re shedding cash.

I wish to get Lucian in right here, too. I don’t suppose he’ll get as peppered up. It’s the man who runs Common. Nathan, you’re nice. We did your online business — which I will’t move purchase anything from Rival.

No. Subsequent 12 months.

Subsequent 12 months, I’m gonna move to it, I’m gonna purchase a price tag at a stadium.


For anything.


And also you’re gonna get a few of that transaction.

And you’re going to really feel the enjoyment and enjoyment and inspiration of that have.

And if I don’t, I name you up?

Sure. You’ll be able to tweet at me similar to the way you used to when I used to be operating Ticketmaster and prior to I went to mattress each and every night time, I looked for the corporate and …

What’s your Twitter maintain?


K. You heard it right here first. Trojan horse Nathan at Twitter. Thank you for approaching.

Thank you for having me.

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